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    Confused Gas fireplace certified for primary heating

    I am looking for a gas fireplace which is CERTIFIED for PRIMARY heating.
    Just being certified as a heater is not enough, it should be certified to be a PRIMARY heating source. I called few manufacturers, they don't have any. Do such fireplaces exist at all or are all of them officially only suitable for secondary (or supplemental) heating? Thanks!

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    Fireplaces listed to the ANSI Z21.88 Vented Room Heater standard are intended as supplemental heaters. You would need something listed as a Warm Air Furnace in order for credit by a mortgage company, FHA, etc. to recognize it as the primary heat source. I'm not aware of any dual listed but I know there are some out there that should be. The first that comes to mind is a Rinnai unit that vents with PVC yet is a fireplace.

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    Hi in the u.k. they have a gas fire with back boiler behind fire Baxi Boilers u.k.

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    Thanks, Hearthman: I will look at Rinnai products.
    Auldyin: seems like a rather complex construction. We are looking for a fireplace which doesn't require a separate mechanical room. But I will look at that. Thanks.

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    Empire has a fireplace that is 90+% and I believe is furnace rated. Valor also make excellent heating appliances but I'm not sure if they are rated as primary heat sources.

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