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    Black spots on duct...

    I live in a fairly small home, built in 2007 (I'm in Florida). I've been curious to know how dirty my coils were and looks like even to look at them is not a task for myself (would have to remove said coils). It's basically a gas unit with another air conditioning unit attached to the top of it.
    The coils (from the angle that I can see them), look a bit weathered for only being a few years old?
    I also noticed there to be this black stuff on the duct leaving the that mold? Normal?
    I've attached some action shots.

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    That looks like it is probably just dust and grime. Mold usually shows up in larger blotches. You will more than likely find the coil has the same black grime on it too. See an example here on a really bad coil I pulled a two weeks ago. ( the white stuff is the cleaner)
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    black dirt dust marks around the joints of duct and plenum on insulation is a sign of a leak at that particular connection. Get a contractor to do a duct test and seal. If you have him use a duct blaster before and after repairs, you can actually see the amount of CFM leakage he was able to stop.

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