I ran into to this last year by accident when I had to repair a lighting system on a low temp 3 door system. The VHO lights were phased out last year and a rep from Phillips Lighting recommended to upgrade to LED lights.
Went a different route on that particular job.
I'm currently looking at a multideck and old Ardco Doors walk-in that a custumer wants retrofit with LED lighting.
This is pretty new so the distributor's really don't seem able to answer some of the detailed questions.
Anthony Doors has a system. There are some variables on how the lighting actually is distributed based on angle. And they only have systems for the walk-in's.
Gem Tech has systems apparently for the muti-decks but not the doors. And the rep couldn't answer questions about mounting and light dispersion or intensity versus the system being replaced. (important because of the possibility of the custumer being dissatsfied with the results)
And the Philips Lighting system had two different outputs available but one of their reps thought the higher output was discontinued.
I know this topic is refigerant-related but it's system-related. This LED thing is coming big because of the energy consumption and the custumer's are, if I'm not mistaken, eligible for some tax write-offs.
Does anyone have anything to offer on this type of an install in the way of hardware? Or performance versus energy consumption? There may also be hurdles in mounting but that should minor. Thanks