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    I'm in Texas. We had a new heat pump installed last summer. During Thanksgiving weekend, the unit quit working. The day before the outside fan seemed louder. Called company who installed and 10 days later, due to some ineptitude on their part, it's still not fixed (fan motor on order). The tech told my husband we should just run our emergency heat. It's going to be 28 tonight.

    Two questions: 1) How long should I expect to wait for the repair of a unit under warranty? 10 days seems excessive. 2) What actually runs the emergency heat and am I OK running the emergency heat somewhat continuously.


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    Emergency Heat will most likely be electric strip heaters, yes it is ok to run them until it is fixed.

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    E. heat mode runs the unit as a traditional electric furance. It is fine to do so. The system will be somewhat less efficent but you will be warm. I would think nothing of it.

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    Annabelle where in Texas are you, I'm in Fort Worth maybe I could help speed things up.
    Need to know model # serial # and type of unit.
    As for parts in stock, with the new laws going into effect Jan.2006 alot of supply house are running there stock down to increase new inventory of new systems.

    As for using em.heat the only cost a little more to operate the unit but, with temperatures going to 24* tonight the heat pump would not keep up any way so your not really loosing anything..

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