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    peerless pizza oven

    model number - cw61ns

    I haven't worked on much of these, and i just want to make sure that i am picking the right part that is bad. The pilot will light and stay lit. The on off handle allows gas to flow normally. I have gas coming out of the saftey valve and going into the temperature control valve. No matter what i turn the knob to on the thermostat valve it will not light. I have no gas coming out of this valve. So i feel that something is wrong with this valve. I am wondering what all checks i can do to make sure this is bad. Also on the peerless website they have a part that they call the thermostat. Is that this valve?

    Thank You
    J. King

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    It sounds like you did all the right checks. And yes, that part is called the thermostat.

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