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    Current system (so Ive been told) is a 10k electric furnace with an add-on AC unit. Furnace is in storage area in a finished attic space, the AC is outside. Space needing heat is 15'x 15' open area with 3 supply ducts and a 15'x 12' (combined) bedroom and bathroom where the one supply duct is in the bathroom which has a door into the bedroom.

    The electric furnace gets too hot and cuts off before the area can get warm. contiues to run since temp never gets to setting and pulls what warm air is in the room back into the system cooling it again. Cycles like this constantly.

    Ive been told by a local licensed and insured contractor that a heat pump will actually warm the room and it will use about 1/2 of the electricity of that stand alone furnace. The have recommended a 1.5 ton Goodman heatpump. They will cut-off the existing AC and connect the heatpump for $1100.00 5yr parts, 1 yr labor.

    Sound reasonable?

    Finally if you would, how will that existing furnace and the heatpump work together?

    Im totally ignorant to this.


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    (No pricing due to Site Rules)

    The Electric Furnace heat strips will act as an auxilary heat source when the heat pump is incappable of providing heat at lower outdoor temperatures and will turn on the electric heat strips when the unit is defrosting. The strips will also act as emergency heat in case the outdoor unit malfunctions.

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    Somebody better figger out why current furnace is cycling on limit and not heating the place. Just hacking a new Goodman pump on an undersized duct system won't solve the problem and could kill the compressor prematurely. And for that price, they are also hacking a mismatched system in which again is a recipe for a short compressor life. I think you need a better dealer. .

    I realize the rules say no pricing questions but in this case it helps us advise him not to just replace an outdoor unit, especially with a heat pump

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    It would be very easy to limit the heat from the existing furnace.
    Just run it on 5kw.
    A simple wiring change, in most cases.

    Heat pumps are great.
    They do save energy.
    However, it must be matched properly to the indoor coil.
    I would recommend replacing at least the indoor coil, if not the entire indoor section, along with the outdoor part.

    Sure is a small area.
    I hope the ductwork is adequate.

    Prices- not here.

    Good luck.

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    It sounds like there is a problem with your current system. You should see about getting it fixed before you buy a new system. If the electic cost to run your current system is reasonable, then you should buy the new HP. If you do decide to go with the heat pump, be sure that you get a matching air-handler along with it.

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