I have a Lennox 13ACD with a Copeland Scroll in it that died at the 4 year mark and Lennox is being good about replacing the unit under warranty. The problem is this is not an isolated case, I've seen quite a few compressors die well before the 5 year mark in a few of our communities. It's usually related to the particular subcontractor that installed the system.

I once read the quote "compressors don't die, they're murdered" and I'm beginning to think our sub contractor is the culprit. I talked to Emerson about performing a forensics on the compressor and they referred me to a distributor to have it shipped back to them. Here's where the N2 part comes in...

I was talking to the distributor about all the issues I've noticed with our subcontractor over the years; Items like poor duct designs with abnormally high ESP, undercharging, overcharging, and no N2 flowing during the brazing process... he stopped me when I mentioned the nitrogen and said it's really not that big a deal on small residential installations.

I've read through the entire thread dedicated to flowing N2 and I've also seen the YouTube video with the black crap (oxidation) coming out the end of the tube. I have a hard time believing that the lack of N2 is a non-issue, especially when every manufacturer clearly states using it in all of their installation guides.

So... is N2 really a non-issue for "small residential installs" for you guys?