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    Does anyone know the minimum opening size for combustion/ventilation air for a natural draft furnace
    located in an unfinished basement or crawlspace in TN?
    Is more than one opening required? I have always used a minimum of 1 sq. ft for any furnace and 1 sq. inch per 1000 BTUs of the furnace input. Thanks.

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    Is this a new install?

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    In chicago The code is the same 1 sq" per thousand btus
    check your codes and check with your gas company.peoples energy in chicago has a great 86 page book called construction guide for gas usage in chicago.It has all of the codes with pictures as examples.

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    how many btu's is the furnace, is the house R2000 rated, whats the square footage of the enclosure around the furnace are there any more appliances in the same room

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    my Daughter's 1970s vintage gas furn manual states that requirement --
    don't the current manuals?
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    You mean

    You're actually suppose it read that thing ??
    They do have nice pictures in them..
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    Combustion/Ventilation Air

    I have an older TN code book but I can't find it. I wanted to know what is the MINIMUM size opening to outside air for ANY natural draft gas furnace. Thanks for all the replys.

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