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    Why would I have much cooler air coming out of 4 registers in the back of the house and the other 11 registers kickin out nice hot air? No dampers in the tubes, but there are "3" outlets from the main furnace.

    very frustrating, any ideas?

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    uninsulated ductwork, a ductleak,super long duct run.......
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    all insulated, no leaks, and the run is half the length of the others that are nice and hot. Did notice lots of rust pieces over the burner plates, but the heater still works great in other parts of the house???

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    have you used a thermometer to check the temps at the grills? Is it possible the rooms in question are draftier than the others? Maybe cold air is coming in around the windows making that room feel colder. If the duct runs are shorter & insulated with no dampers & there are no breaks in the duct, theres no way the air would be colder than the longer runs.

    By the way, I prefer the Grizzlies over the Tigers. LOL they are having a good year.
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    It always seems strange to me that a leaking duct can cause the air inside to cool down.
    Lots of times the leak draws air into the duct. Metal duct can create a low pressure vortex at the joints. I saw this using cigarette smoke.

    You did not say which type of ducts you have, but you have to seal every joint and seam in that duct system. You will probably have to take all the insulation off the metal ducts to get to the seams.

    I think Memphis has some of the worst ducts in the world. Anybody that is any good can't compete with the half brains. It is hard to convince somebody to pay for a good duct system. I mean screwing two pipes togather can't be rocket science.
    A good duct system will pay for itself in lower utility costs for many years.

    You will probably get the best duct repairs, if you agree to replace the furnace and plenums. Buy more upgrades like spacegard filter to get even better duct repairs. Insist on Mastic to seal each and every seam.

    PS Tigers are hot too. Lost a tight game to Duke. Tigers football has been pretty good too.

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