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    No heat call to a rental property.Delayed ignition problem to the point of blowing the doors off the furnace.Renters told me it has allways done that but the landlord won't have anything done.After I believed I repaired the problem I told the renters to never live with a furnace that explodes at start-up.Again with "the landlord won't do anything",so I say if he won't get it fixed call the gas company who will then get him to fix it.Well, it started exploding again,they went straight to the gas company,I get into trouble with boss.Apparently the delayed ignition innitially was caused by dirty burners/carry-over port, and the explosions must have warped the assembly.Worked 24 times before I left after cleaning ports.Replaced manifold and problem solved.I hate winter.

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    Passing gas

    That's the problem with passing it off to the gas company, the smell usually comes back an bite's you on the A**. warped the manifold? maybe just some rust in it blocking the burner were the pilot is.

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    thanks for the tip.I cleaned the heack out of the darned thing and hit it with a wire brush.Fired it on & off about 20 times before I left.

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