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    We have newly become a Trane residencial dealer in our area. We installed about 10 split heat pumps, all XL 14i with gas or electric furnaces and visionpro thermostats.

    I would like to clarifie the best sequence of operation.
    The Trane rep said I should set the balance point in the stat and leave it at that. Heat pump only above the balance point and gas bellow the bp.
    I feel that event if the heatpump can't heat the house by itself, it would still pay to run it and suplement with gas heat as needed (to allow operation bellow what we now use as the balance point).
    Trane's literature shows a cop above 2.0 at 10 deg F!!!

    Does this make sense?

    What controls would I need to acheive this?

    Also, can a plenum stat used for defrost be installed upstream from the A coil?

    Thanks for the replies

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    Originally posted by dicy
    Does this make sense?

    Back up the HP with electric strips, if it's economical.

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    Yea, let the pump run in cold weather. They have demand defrost so won't be constantly doing unneeded defrosts. Low SEER with timed defrost I usually suggest giving it a rest around zero. With gas backup, find the point where the pump can't keep up and shut it off them. We use 30-35 out for that.

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