Hey guys,
I have read several of the threads concerning Carlyle unloaders but I am still not sure of what my problem may be. I have a Carlyle 06D compressor, 6 cylinder with two pressure controlled unloaders. R22 with 200 psig head and 100 psig suction. The unit starts off at these pressures. I have a feeling that both unloaders may be the problem but everything I have read seems to indicate that they should not unload unless suction pressure is low. Also, at least one of them is leaking at the control setpoint adjustment nut. If the diaphram is leaking wouldn't this cause the unloader to stay in the unloaded position? Is it sensible that both unloaders has failed? I did not do a pump down test to see if my valves are leaking by. Oh yeah, my space temp is 76* and OAT was 85* so I should definitely have enough load. How do I determine whether I am looking at an unloader problem or a valve problem?