Hello all!!! I'm new to this forum and hope i can get a little advice on a condensor i'm currently working on. Below is the scenario....

The system i'm working on is a Goodman through the wall condensor and yes it is part of a split system and not a Ptac unit.

W hen i went to work on this unit today upon arrival i found that the breaker for the condensor had tripped which due to our recent power outages in VA Beach i figured a surge had just tripped it. When i reset the breaker the condensor fan did not come on but the compressor started to run for approx. 5 seconds before tripping the breaker again.

I checked the capacitor which had signs of failure and i also checked all of the wiring going to the compressor for possible shorts. I found no shorts and checked to make sure the compressor was not shorted to ground.

I changed the capacitor and turned the system back on and the fan started working but now the compressor was not even attempting to start, but the breaker was no longer tripping. In hopes that the new capacitor was faulty i tried another and there was no change.

Also, the compressor was not overheated so it should not have been in thermal overload. Any help would be greatly appreciated.