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    I have three DR series reverberay heaters...the square ceramic infrared heaters. They have spark ignition.

    My problem is that on 3 out of 10 heaters in this building the spark ignition will not quit once the flame is ignited.
    It lights and burns fine...just its like the flame isnt proving and the spark ignition continues.

    Ive cleaned all connections, cleaned the flame rod....even tried adjusting the flame rod closer to the ceramic on one heater but it still continues. No wiring diagram...just a gas valve, board and the ignitor assembly.

    I did notice a relay on the board which I suspect may drop out the ignitor once flame is proven...but time constraints today trying to start up a boatload of other heaters and equipment kept me from spending any time on anything...I just tapped it several times with a screwdriver in case it might be sticking but it still keeps on sparking. I might have time tomorrow to remove the board and get to the back so I can check the relay.

    Anyone run into this.....Im leaning toward that relay being stuck and keeping the ignitor going but thought Id ask here for any opinions....I dont run into these heaters often.

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    I'd check for a good ground as well,
    Flame recticifacation units are touchy with good grounds.
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    I agree with the ground theory.
    You also might check polarity (hot & neutral reversed).

    Good luck.
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