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    Source Refrigeration.

    How are they to work for.

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    i have spoken to many people who work for them....not one said they sucked...all gave positive comments....

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    Gazoo is right jonny..!!
    People who are working for them are giving positive comments and feeling safe with them..!!

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    Yes this is a bump, but I didn't want to start a thread. So my question is, would applying for a "Refrigeration Installation Apprentice" position with Source be worth it if I'm trying to become a service technician? I start school in 2 weeks and would love to actually do some school related stuff (besides installation) while obtaining my education. I put in an application a while ago and I noticed they still had the position available (been open since November) but I never heard anything. I was thinking of refining my resume in hopes of actually catching someone's eye so I could speak to them. I just wanted to see what you all though about that as I've never worked installation before. I've only done service calls.

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    I applied to source refrigeration (in January) for the installation/construction apprentice, got as far as meeting the HR chick and told I would be contacted in March since they didn't need somebody until April.

    I know of 1 tech who has worked for them, he said things got pretty slow with jobs and calls (losing a lot of PM accounts) a few years ago but started to turn around in 2010. He left late 2010 and said things were improving. I've also bumped into a couple of their techs at the supply house and both seemed pretty happy with their lot.
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