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    I have an 70 year old home with a natural gas boiler and cast iron baseboards. I'm looking to put in central air and wondering if anyone knows where i can find the pros and cons of Hi velocity A/C? I had someone come out about putting in duct work but I'd lose a couple of closets and i can't afford to lose the space. I have an attic area and unfinished basement which i'm in the process of finishing. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    Check out the Unico web site. Great system!!
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    stop working on the basement until you finish you hvac.

    I must agree that I like hot water heat better than forced air and I like unico and space pak systems better than a standard a/c.

    1. how old is your boiler?
    2. how big is your electrical panel and is it full?
    3. have you had any bids on unico or spacepax systems?
    4. have you considered removing the boiler,pipes,and radiators and having a forced air system installed?

    I have installed many unico/spacepax systems and they are both very good and both very costly.

    I have also removed more boiler systems and installed forced air.

    Think about what you want and get bids on both.

    Where do you live?

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    I live in the Beverly area on the Southwest side. The boiler is at least 15 years old and i have 100amp service not full. I had someone quote installing a forced air system and remove the boiler, leaving the pipes and cast iron baseboards since that would just add to the work. They'd have to run the duct work though too many closets and even in the corner of the living room which would be unsightly. they didn't mention anything about a HI V system and i recently heard of it and trying to get some info on reliability and efficiency. thanks for the reply

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    if your boiler is in good shape which 15 years is not old for a boiler, you can add a hot water coil module to the unico system and have forced air heat from the boiler. the one's that i've done work really well in the heat mode

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    I'd leave the boiler and radiators, why mess with your heating comfort. Anything with forced air, furnace or hot water fan coil, is going to be less comfy than radiators.

    Hi V is nice for installers and can do a good job if properly installed. Make sure whatever dealer you go with knows the product and has designed and installed systems with it. It is less efficient so takes what normally would be a 12 SEER outdoor and ends up around 10 SEER. For the same money, a nice variable speed conventional air handler will bump a 12 to a 13 if you have room for standard ducts.

    The first floor needs much less cooling than the 2nd floor. If you want to start slowly, have a system put in for the 2nd floor and finished attic. I think you'll be surprised at the effect on the first floor since a lot of the cooling will fall down the stairs.

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