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    Well you are loaded but sound very organized. I have 84 units on the roof that have not had ANY routine maintenance in 4-5 years and very little for the last 15 and some are approaching 30 years old. But money is no object for repairs but new isn't going to happen. I hope I live long enough to my pm's going.

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    On the right track...

    Sounds like you're headed in the right direction boilerman, keep fixing them right and eventually you will reach a point when breakdowns are rare. My co. was recently removed from a federal facility because we were working their maintenance dept out of jobs and the union didn't care for that. Biggest thing we found was what you are describing LACK OF MAINTENANCE. I still can't believe how few companies take care of the equipment that is vital to them making money (process chillers etc.).

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    Screw that! They need to get you a PM Tech fresh out of school at the very least!

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    send me out on the call

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