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    Hey all,

    I wasn't sure which forum to place this under: Residential or Commercial HVAC. You see, a very slick contractor (no one that visits this board, I'm sure) sold me a commercial unit to sit on the side of my house some years back. I was young, and didn't know the first thing about heater or ac.

    So, fast forward to current - it doesn't work. Every year for the past 5 years we've put anywhere from $XXX - $XXX dollars for some board, blower, ducting or excessive labor to replace a fuse.

    Last year it was the ignition control board. The one that went bad had a sensor to make sure the pilot was on before it allowed gas to flow to the burners. This new one, replaced last year, is a 'Continuous Re-try' from Honeywell.

    Shortly after this new board was put in, the blower motor went bad. We decided to go and buy new down jackets rather than spending another $XXX on a new motor and the associated labor costs to install it.

    Well, now it's Dec 05 and the kids have outgrown their jackets. And the wife has stopped talking to me (ok, so this isn't all bad) until I get the furnace working again.

    So I got a new motor, and replaced the old one, but now I don't hear the 'continuous re-try' clicking so the pilot never starts and the burners are cold.

    Details: this is a Carrier / Day and Night unit (model 580ANN024060AAAE) the ignition controller is now a Honeywell 58610U, which replaced a 780-002 (sorry, don't know what that number is)

    So, the unit powers up, blower blows, I don't hear the clicking sound for the igniter (this sound used to occur with the previous control box), no pilot, no burners, no heat = popsicle-children and wife.

    So, I'm asking for.... just one more winter.




    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    Call another contractor to find out what the real problem is, not a hack that you hired to install it the first time.
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    Wow, such sage advice. And there I was expecting some useful suggestions on what step I might next take, short of calling a different repair person.

    Oh well, it was worth a try.

    Thanks though, for your time to make your suggestion. I guess I'll simply replace the ignition control and go from there.

    Happy Holidays!


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    Originally posted by justonemorewinter
    I was expecting some useful suggestions on what step I might next take, short of calling a different repair person.
    Welcome to HVAC TALK.
    (Here's your good advice)

    Here's something to think about...

    When was the last time you had your unit cleaned and inspected?

    Now you have a problem with the unit. Fuel costs are skyrocketing.

    So why not call in a professional to repair the unit? While they are there they can clean and inspect your unit to insure a safe living environment for you and your loved ones. Not to mention, having an efficient running system could save you more than the cost of the service.

    What's your safety worth? I'm guessing more than the repair bill.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    I guess I'll simply replace the ignition control and go from there.
    Why spend more money on parts that may NOT be needed?

    I'd call a qualified, competent HVAC Company to properly diagnose your unit and make the needed repairs!

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    I love the name "Justonemorewinter". I hear this from many customers. "Oh I'll start saving right now & replace it next year, If theres any way possible just get me through this year."
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    i hear it all the time to HERO .... hahaha ...anyway ONEMOREWINTER .... package units for houses are common...because unit is self contained does not make it commercial .... but thats neither here nor there ...maybe the company was a bunch of crumbsnatchers .. get a pro in there & stop being cheap ... good luck

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