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    Make sure they're doing a room by room Manual J with CFM needs per room and not just a whole house one. You'll need this for duct work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyler View Post
    Thanks for all the advice. I will make sure the equipment is AHRI rated and discuss it with the contractor to make sure the coil and condensor match up properly for the best ratings.

    Any comments on the gas furnance tonnage matching up with the coil and condensor? Do they have to be the same. The current proposal has a 2 ton condensor and hopefully a matching coil with a 3 ton 60K BTU variable speed two stage A/S 96.7% furnace. The coil and condensor are also American Standard (Allegience 16).
    The 3ton 60k btu means that the blower will handle up to a 3 ton.

    Infact, goodman doesn't make a furnace with a blower smaller than 3 ton.
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