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    I like comfortdoc's comment about having a chiller. might not be practical but how about building a water to water heat exchanger and using tap water for the chilled side. not sure what temp your cold water is your area.

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    I'm still in the planning process of this project for next spring researching all the possible scenarios to make the most short/long term cost effective AC backup system in the event of a power/ac unit outage. This my sound elementary but besides the concerns for my aquariums it is a real problem as the area I live in is the 3rd hottest place on the planet 3rd only to the Gobi Desert and Death Valley no kidding. Anyway after reading allot of reviews I coming to the conclusion that new window AC units outsourced manufactured "you know where" they have a life expectancy of about 1 to 2 years tops before a major component failure like a compressor. Unless I can find an older reliable refurbished made in USA, Can, Aus model window AC unit, the kind that would last 5-8 years, I may have to go to use my GI Bill and go to HVAC school myself just to become socially independent and perhaps start a 1 man home AC home handyman business. AZ being a right-to-work state we have a few licensed AC handyman in our area but they are always busy and by appointment cause they get so much business for charging allot less and more personable good work. When I went to pick up an AC fan motor for my AC a year ago at the local parts warehouse I spoke to a couple 1 man independent in home Ac repairmen an they told me that there is so much business for decent rate honest one-on-one repair that you will have to turn business away. So Im going to seriously look into that since the school wont cost me anything and see if I can make it work on a part time independent basis to supplement my retirement income and provide my own neighbors affordable square-deal alternative. At the very least the certification will help me with my home and rental AC repair needs and coming up with a standby split backup unit tied into one air-handling unit using HP valves.

    As far as my aquariums go being all glass and poor insulators they are designed be efficient at using exchanging ambient temperature of the house rapidly to both heat and cool the tanks, only new acrylic plastic tanks that are very good insulators have problems with over-heating as they do not exchange temperature well at all requiring chillers even when lighting is used due to heat buildup and why glass aquariums are far more economical to heat and cool.

    As far as lynn commonstock who recommended not running a portable generator in the house due to carbon monoxide, although never having heard of anyone with first hand experience, rest assured I believe you and will make sure any generator I decide to install is outside

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