I'm pretty much sold on a dual fuel system, but with gas prices most likely to continue climbing in the coming years, I'm having second thoughts. My question is this:

American Standard system, 3 ton, 1 sty home, well insulated with good windows and doors. East Tennessee, where it gets pretty hot and humid in the summer and can get pretty cold (teens,twenties) in the winter.

Option A: 16 SEER EHP w/electric strip emergency heat

Option B: 14 SEER EHP w/80% gas emergency heat

Option C: 14 SEER EHP w/90% gas emergency heat

The pricing of Options A and C are nearly the same, while Option B is somewhat less than A and C. I've lived with gas heat my whole life and don't have any experience living with a HP. Will the heat pump operate with emergency heat often enough to warrant gas as the emerbency heat source? Advice would be appreciated.