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    Quote Originally Posted by b26440510 View Post
    wow, those seem to be more for industrial. Would anyone need 4/5 vents in one location for a house?

    Looks like maybe the portal line would be a bit more practical.
    Oh yeah? I have one on my roof, with the C-481 cap. Two refrigerant lines and a 3/4 PVC for the control wiring. I have one port left if I ever need to add something like wiring for security cameras, a weather station, or whatever. It costs a few bucks, but it's way better than a pitch pan.

    BTW, the guys who did that first install crammed the 2 refrig lines through a 2" metal vent flashing and of course couldn't seal it properly due to the small size of the hole. Idiots.

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    okay, well that makes a little more sense. I was only thinking of actual pipes (ie vent stacks, etc.) coming through and not additional things such as wire chases, etc..

    Maybe on a two+ story house I could see that many actual vent stacks coming out, but on a one story dont know if you'd have enough run for adequate pitch.

    Anyways, good product to know about.

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