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    Anyone know where I can find a schematic of a Goodman defrost controller board? The part number is B12260-08. I have looked around and have had no success. I wired up a new condenser fan motor, the old one was a AO Smith, and the new one is a Dayton. I mis-wired it an shorted the board, burning some etching off the board. I repaired the etching and it cooled fine, but now I think it is not defrosting propperly. During heat pump operation, shouldnt the condenser fan run half speed? It used to now it is running full speed, I think I screwed it up. The boards are redily available, but I want to check this one out before I get a new one. Gooman unit CPLJ42-1A. Thanks, Rob....

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    Don't know were you can find a schematic off the top of my head but did you look online? And also in defrost the motor you replaced has one speed? It should not run at all in defrost that would defeat the purpose take to long to defrost. You should probly go ahead and get that new board.

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    why did you replace the motor?

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    Here you go, but when you get tired of replacing parts call a professional.

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    I initally replaced the condenser fan motor because of bearing failure in the fan. That was the only trouble, the system seems to be operating fine, I just seems the fan is running faaster than it is supposed to while operating in heat pump mode. I just need to check to see before it gets any colder. Thanks for the replys.

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    The relay on the defrost controller was bad. Replaced the board, fixed problem.....Thanks

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