As I continue my quest for a decent mini-split at a decent cost, I've run across the GE Ductless. I seem to recall reading here that they were a pretty decent unit, but searches come up with waaay too much stuff. (Try searching 'Ge' and you get everything with garage, etc.).

In any case, I'm caught looking a the 12k LG's (lots'o $) GE's and Friedrichs. The Hitachi's seem to be on the REAL low end. :\ This will be a supplimental system to help with a 200 sq/ft room add-on. I'm looking for something that will last and be quiet. There is not much support for minis around here as they just don't seem to be as popular as back east. only 1 local place has them in stock, and it's an Arcoaire and I haven't found much about their brand.

Thanks again for the info fro the pro's!