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    I'd appreciate some professional advice on my situation as described below.

    I have a 17 year old Bryant gas furnace in my home. I have never had any problems with it in the 2+ years I've been in the house. I decided to have a cleaning & "tune-up" done recently. The tune-up was completed and the technician said there were no problems with the unit...only said it was old. About six hours later the unit was short-cycling...the burner was going out only 15-30 seconds after lighting. A second technician arrived to troubleshoot the problem and, after 2 hours of tinkering, determined I had a cracked heat exchanger!

    So in an 8 hour period I've gone from a perfectly functioning, albeit older, furnace to a condemned POS. I'm obviously aware that the furnace was near the end of it's life expetancy, but it's a bitter pill to swallow that I had preventive maintenance done and it turned into a replacement.

    My question is: Is there any chance that the maintenance performed may have caused the heat exchanger to crack in a six hour period?

    What recourse do I have with this maintenance company to work out a deal for a replacement furnace?

    Any advice is much appreciated in this dicey situation. Thanks in advance!

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    I highly doubt that the maintenance was the cause of the crack, could have been coincidence.

    You should be glad it was found.

    If it worked fine for 17 yrs, I think it's served well.

    A new high efficiency system should make you even happier.

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    Could be coincidence, ya know.

    Kinda like taking the car in for a tune up and then bringing it back complaining that the brakes feel funny after they worked on it.

    Maybe there is a problem with the fan/limit switch.

    You could be being tag teamed by a dishonest company (the first tech could have messed with the limit switch, second tech condemns the unit).

    Did the second tech explain how the heat exchanger was determined to be bad? The tech should be willing to show you if you are there and ask. Normally doesn't take two hours to find the symptoms of a cracked exchanger, either.

    I suppose that unless you can prove that the maintenance company was dishonest, you have no recourse.

    You can always call another company and pay for a service call- but don't tell them what has happened. Let them troubleshoot your system and reach an independent conclusion. If it isn't a cracked heat exchanger....

    Worst that can happen is you are out the $$$ for another call if the same diagnosis is made. Have them give an estimate at the same time.
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