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    Water Regulating Valve Installation Question

    First off, I'm new here, so bear with me if I'm a little short on knowledge. Basically, I have a Worthington Air Conditioner that was installed back when the house was built in 1968. This system uses a water-cooled condenser.

    From what I've learned, there should be a water regulating valve installed on the inlet side, however at some point in history it must have failed and was instead replaced with a 12vdc sprinkler valve of all things. The capillary tube from the old valve is still there, but the end was pinched off. The air conditioner seems to work, but I'm thinking maybe it would be a good idea to replace the sprinkler valve with the proper water regulating valve.

    So here is the question: I'm more than comfortable replacing this valve with the correct one, but with regards to the capillary tube, what does it connect to? If I remove what's left of the old one, will refrigerant leak out or not?

    If you need more information, photos, etc., just let me know.

    Edit: Having head the forum rules on DIY, if my doing this work isn't recommended, can you tell me if this is a fairly common repair that a local HVAC tech can handle for me? I'm just concerned because of the age of the unit and if anyone still works on these water-cooled condensers.

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    A good tech should be able to handle this, especially one familiar with commercial equipment where water cooled still happens.

    But I'd guess this sucker is costing a lot in electricity and if you pay for water, certainly costing you money there too. Maybe time to modernize?

    Got any pictures of the installation?

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