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    Another Newbie (yeah, I hear ya groanin')

    HVAC ain't my biz, but I love science and y'all seem like good people to learn from.

    My interests lie not in HVAC per se, but more in the transfer of heat (as in transferring it outside of my house). Started on this road as part of a computer project involving me & my son that made me notice "Heat Islands" in the home. These areas of heat concentration left me wondering if small scale heat pumps would work, and if so could the average Joe do something that would have a positive economic impact, i.e.- live more comfortably, or reduce his utility bills.

    It's been fun. I've relearned a lot of the science I'd forgotten. I've learned more from other fields than I'd ever imagined (engineering, materials, geology) I would have. And interestingly enough, I've met with some success in some small scale trials.

    But my hopes are to detail means by which others that are less economically advantaged than I can improve their lives and/or, save money. If I don't, well, I still find science a great way to relax.

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    Welcome here!

    Understanding thermodynamics is very important in HVAC/R.

    Would love to see some pics of your projects, sounds interesting.

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    That is what HVAC is all about. Transferring heat!

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    Volcanos can reverse global warming ???? What is your point ???

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    welcome. you found the right place. you will find alot of good guy's here and alot more smart ones. i think most of us are interested in the stuff you are doing. maybe you could tell us more about your projects.

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