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    Hi all, I just bought my first home, so I'm just learning about all the systems and I have a quick question about my HRV controlling humidity levels.

    I just bought a new house that has a GreenTek HRV system installed (along with the a forced air gas furnace). There are two settings intermittant (only runs in high speed if wall control or humidistat is triggered) and continuous (runs all the time at low speed and high speed with wall control or humidistat is triggered). It is currently set to intermittant and there are push button controls in bathrooms/kitchen as well as dehumidistat with a manual knob.

    Here's my problem. I currently have the humidistat set to about 45% RH (and it "clicks" when I turn it indicating that it actually is reading that value) but my store bought humidity meter is reading 58%. According to the manual, the dehumidistat should detect that the humidity is too high and start the HRV at high speed until the humidity level is correct. Just as a test, I set the humidistat to 30% and nothing happens - I expected the HRV to start going. I am noticing some condensation on the bottom inch or so of my windows, so I think the humidity is too high and given that the HRV doesn't start from the humidistat I'm taking the 58% to my actual humidity level.

    Should the HRV be controlling the humidity from interm. mode, or do I need to have it in continous mode for that? Am I expecting the HRV to do something it is not intended to do?

    The push buttons work fine and seem to bring down the humidity a little (~2%) when I run it for 20-40 minutes. Also, if it matters I am in southern Ontario and it's about -10c these days.


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    If I had excessive moisture on my windows, I would operate my HRV during the hours of highest activity on a daily bases. You may need +10 hours of low speed operation everyday. Fresh air is benefit when you are there. The %RH will very with the outside temperature. The colder it gets, the lower the indoor %RH to avoid excessive condensation. A little moisture in the corners of windows or a 1/2" sweat band across the bottom is ok after a cold night. TB

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    I guess that I need to try running the HRV in continuous mode to see what happens...

    But that still doesn't explain why the dehumidistat is not causing the HRV to kick into high mode to control the high humidity (which should happen no matter what mode the unit is in according the user guide). Maybe the dehumidistat not hooked up properly? I have the install manual so I can check the wiring.

    Is there any calibration or anything that is required on these units? I thought I'd post here to see if I'm misunderstanding my user guide, and I'm expecting something to happen that it's not intended to do.

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