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Thread: I'm Back!

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    I'm Back!

    Hello all, I had a log-on ID here about 10 years ago, but I forgot the details so it was just easier to make a new one

    Anyway thought I would say hello, I've been in Industrial/Commercial HVAC for almost 30 years (21 of them with Carrier). I have lived through the days prior to Montreal protocall, I've been inside just about every model compressor Carrier has made (big centrifugals, screws, absorption etc. old and new, multi-stage even MPS drive-thrus) Not much that I haven't seen.

    Have lived in most states in the south & spent most of my time between Texas, Louisiana, Miss, Georgia & Arkansas. (a good part of that in industrial plants on process low temp along the gulf coast) I've spent most of those years working in the field (the last 10 of them were in office salaried) but lately I returned to the field. Life is too short to deal with management stress. Those of you that think it's easier in the office need to try it. But keep this in mind, your customers love the guys that fix it and have little use for the office staff - especially the salesman
    Anyway it feels good actually fixing stuff again and re-establishing those bonds with customers. Kinda like riding a bike.

    I have a home machine shop and my hobbies are mostly related to motorcycles (repairing, riding, racing, etc)

    And I'm really glad to see this site has advanced and grown immensely since my last chapter here! I look forward to sharing information and experiences with everyone.

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    didn't realize you were gone (feel the love)

    a LOT has and is still changing

    don't get your "feelings" hurt
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Welcome Back

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    As dandyme said, a LOT has changed around here in the past couple months, let alone 10 years.

    Read the rules and follow them. They aren't all that complicated.

    Also, since you are in the trade, get your post count up and apply for Professional Membership. Technical discussions aren't really done out in the open anymore.

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