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    I am home owner with a question about the freon line routing that was done recently on my new heat pump/ air handler in my work shop. Air handler was placed on ceilig joists overhead. Heat pump is on a pad on the ground about 10 feet below. Reason I have a question was the installer seemed to not want to answer any questions after the fact. His work looks nice and neat and unit works fine. After I read the booklets left with unit I am just not sure about line routing / oil trap / etc... Lines come thru wall then bend gently vertical up from heat pump thru ceiling joists (2 x 10's) and then curve 90 degrees and run hortizontal about 8 feet. They are about 18" above top of 2 x 10's for the horzontal portion. Lines then curve down and run under planking in attic hortizontally another 10' to the air handler. The last 2 feet they curve up and then hook up to air handler which is sitting on supports above a drain pan. This looks like there is basically about a 10 foot long "trap" approx 18" deep. Will this cause any problems holding oil etc?? Instructions I saw in manual looked like this "trap" should be very short. I asked installer and he said there wasn't a problem with only a 10" rise. I looked on the net and some manufacturer's show a "reverse trap" extending above highest point of air handler and others don't. Unit is a scroll compressor Comfortmaker with a TXV electric air handler. I just want to be sure this souds ok to you guys. Thanks for any input you have.

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    Youll be fine...
    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    What chad said.

    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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