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    replacing the outside unit of heat pump - will that void warranty?

    I got a quote to replace the existing Bryant unit with 2 ton Payne (10 SEER) for $XXXX in Nashville. Is it good price? Installer says the warranty will work since Payne and Bryant are from the same company. Any thoughts?


    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    warrenty on what?Your having outside unit replaced what is under warrenty?furnace warrenty and ac unit two different warrenties.maybe he's not changing indoor coil and going to warrent it for you with the new outdoor unit.i'm confussed.

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    Sorry, no pricing questions allowed...and your post will be edited very soon I think...

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    we dont allow pricing here.

    The new outdoor unit comes with a new warranty, if the unit does not match, you may still get warranty coverage for a failed part but if it simply does not perform, thats on you.

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    No your warranty won't be viod but I sure hope you are moving soon because that is the cheapest unit on the market. Many repairs are in your future.
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    I'd question this something sound screwy, not sure if it's your wording or his. Need better info w/o the pricing.

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    I kinda got the idea now. Sorry for posting the price. Maain intent was to find whether it Payne is a good system and whether the new system's warranty will be there, even if we connect to a different system. I think, I got those cleared now.

    If that is a low end system, What are the good systems please?

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    It sounds like somebody wants to learn something about a heat pump at your expense.

    Shop around.
    And don't let somebody talk you into keeping the old indoor section.
    It is quite likely the indoor section has problems that will carry over into the new outdoor section.

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