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    Got called out the other day on a hanging gas heater in a green house. A spider had built a web in the gas outlet. When it called for heat the main valve would open, it would light, then explode and blow out the pilote. That small spider web would let the gas out enough to ignite, but then it would seem out in big portions and explode. Craziest thing I seen all week.

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    A great example of why annual service is required.

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    Originally posted by docholiday
    A great example of why annual service is required.
    that is a fact

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    Years ago it seemed every call had a spider nest AND then we had the Med-Fly fiasco. After our area was sprayed (via helicopter) we didn't have a spider problem for 3 or 4 years, then back to normal spider problems

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    Many years ago I was doing a new furnace start up. Found gas valve was getting voltage but no gas was going to manifold. Checked supply pressure- 7"wc. Hum-pressure in but no gas out and voltage is present at the MV. No brainer - bad gas valve. WRONG!!!

    It seems a spider had built one of those white cotton-silk looking nest in the nipple just ahead of the gas valve. I discovered this by monitoring inlet pressure DURIBG a call for heat. The nest would drop pressure to less than .5"wc when gas was flowing and show 7"wc when there was no flow.

    Just one of those little lessons you never forget.

    Good luck...

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