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    My Gas heat cycles a few times and then locks out. I have to power on and off at the thermosat and then it will cycle a few more times and lock out. It's a Rheem A/C with gas heating. Robert Shaw SP715A ignition control.
    What maybe be the cause? thanks in advance for any help or opinions.

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    Could be a few things. Unfortunately you need to first read the rules of the site. The best advice would be to call a reputable service company and have your unit looked at.

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    Welcome to HVAC TALK. However this site has rules against giving out technical advice to DIY'ers. I have attached a link below for your convenience.

    Here's something to think about...

    When was the last time you had your unit cleaned and inspected?

    Now you have a problem with the unit. Fuel costs are skyrocketing.

    So why not call in a professional to repair the unit? While they are there they can clean and inspect your unit to insure a safe living environment for you and your loved ones. Not to mention, having an efficient running system could save you more than the cost of the service.

    What's your safety worth? I'm guessing more than the repair bill.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    I just ask for opinions not lectures on system PM's. Get a life.

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    Read the SITE RULES!!!

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    Improper post... THREAD CLOSED!

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    jultzya Improper post... THREAD CLOSED!

    Doesn't look Closed!

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    take it easy guys he didn't ask for step by step DIY advice--just possible problems. Johntee--when was the last time you checked your filter? Could be bad airflow...maybe a bad flame sensor....definitely call and have your unit serviced.

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    We try to be nice and....

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    Exclamation Re: doitnow

    Originally posted by johntee
    I just ask for opinions not lectures on system PM's. Get a life.
    this is true,but you got honest true answers,and by the way,we do have a life...and this is it...sorry you are having troubles,but site rules do keep us from going into greater detail,for your safety and your famalies,but let us know how you make out...good luck

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