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    I checked the control board,all of the rollout switch and the sensors. The gas valve was not giving off the gas to the rail. I put a new valve(honeywell) on the unit and the valve is still not releasing the gas. The gas is getting to the valve. The sparker is sparking and the valve is clicking open. The valve is clicking open and the sparker is arking. I have raked my brains, any help is good, I never ran across a problem like this one.

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    So you checked the pilot orfice and it was clear right? Was that the pilot valve clicking or main valve clicking?

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    Check to see if you have 24 volts to MV and common,it might just be opening PV and not MV..

    And need to supply Model # to give use a hint to what you are working on.

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    For one thing, she/he's working on a furnace made by a company that went out of business and he is not listed as a professional member. OK, that's two things.
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    if you're a tech, get registered as a pro, and post in the proper forum.

    from your post, i don't think you are, and this isn't the place for DIY help.

    due to the site rules, we are unable to provide step-by-step troubleshooting procedures.

    it's time to call a pro.

    thanks, mod01.

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    I would highly recommend that you have that furnace inspected by a trained professional!!!

    Consolidated Industries Furnace Recall

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    I check the volts from the MV and the PV and the problem was from another bad smart valve that I installed I took it of again and bench test it and one of the valves was bad in that new valve. I was trying not to do that but I did. they stopped sell this unit back when I start thank you. Thank you any why.

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