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    Question Best Home Furrnace Brand?

    I raise this question because I want to help a friend of mine who is troubled in purchasing for a new home furnace. She already asked my opinion and told her that it would be better if she purchase a home furnace that is suitable to the size of her home to ensure the indoor air quality circulation. She also consider her budget, but she want to have a home furnace that has the best brand. Which do you would be best for her?
    Thanks in advance, I know that I can find resourceful information from the group.

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    Brand has far less importance than design and installation.

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    Every brand has its high end, mid range and builders grade furnace. Installation and sizing is most important. Of all the brands I have sold I like the Trane/American Standard stuff although I installed Amana at my home because of the better pricing and I'm a dealer haha. So to answer your question, pretty much all major brands are on par with each other. As far as features go I would get a modulating furnace.
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    I wouldn't worry about branding either, but get a variable speed/stage w a good stat. I would be more concerned with who the contractor is, and if they will provide emergency service. Go through the phonebook and call hvac contractors at 10pm, and see who answers, that is your new hvac company!

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