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    FHP nothing but problems in multiple units

    Installed 9 new EC series florida water source heat pumps in a building in new orleans. At start up three units had no 410a freon in one circuit of each.
    One of the 9 had a bad compressor within 4 hours of running.
    Located and repaired refrigerant leaks in 3 of the 9 units. Pulled vacuums and dailed in the correct refridgerant amount. All three units operating correctly.
    The unit with the bad compressor----
    Changed the compressor, dryer, vacuumed system and weighed in the correct amount of refrigerant. Checked superheat, temp. splits, water flow, all fine. Two days later same thing compressor no pump. Changed compressor again blew coils and lines with nitrogen. Repeated the same routine as previous compressor. two days later same thing no pump compressor.
    Florida heat pump sent their factory rep to help and be present for the next compressor change, they said that I had to be doing something wrong.
    We changed the compressor and repeated the same exact procedures that I did twice prior. they said that a liquid line drier that I added to the system on the third compressor was the problem. I cut the dryer out and the factory tech. rep. cut it open. Nothing wrong with the dryer.
    Started unit up now they say it is a bad txv they think.Forgot to mention that the other cicuit in the unit has a refrigerant leak in the condensor coil.
    Forida heat pump acts like they don't have any problems with their equipment well guess what they have some major quaility issues.
    Hope I can prevent someone else from loosing a lot of money as I have. To change out a compressor FHP pays next to nothing, it cost me $400 everytime I changed one of their compressors. This is after they threw their pennys at me.
    Every company that produces machinery or equipment has bad runs or faulty material at one time or another if they are in business for a period of time.
    Lennox had a bad run on evap. coils in the 80's, trane had a bad design on cond. coils in the 80's, it happens. FHP step up to the plate and do the right things, quit pointing fingers.

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    I cant believe what I'm reading. I came on to see if anyone else was having FHP issues. I installed an ES split system. Followed FHP's tech support instuctions on line set sizing and refer charge. Fired it up in heating last winter. Ran for about 2o minutes and tripped on high head. Spent a lot of time "days" talking with tech support trouble shooting. They said the HP txv was bad. they sent a txv and dryer. I replaced both. This time wieghed in factory charge vs adding for line set. Fired up tripped high head. Ran in ac fine when tested. I spent a lot time on this unit, triple checking all parameters. Unit ran on heat strips all last winter. Fired up ac. unit runs for 15 minutes before head sky rockets and trips not only the comp but the breaker.
    So I'm in the truck in a few heading out again on my 50 mile treck to trouble shoot it again. I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing. We only installed it for some tax credits that didnt materialize. I'm hoping FHP will do the right thing. I don't have a problem fixing it if we knew what was going on.
    The rest of the system is City multi WR-2 units. Man those are some sweet units.

    SO I CONCER "DON'T BUY FHP'S" unless you like working on them
    If you think our goverment is screwed up. You haven't lived in another country.

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    florida heatpumps. 400 units in 1 building. 2 years old multiple leaks in multiple units. they claim this is their best product ever. lol. as of now there are over 15 units and climbing daily. ordered a compressor in November 2014 calling regularly every few weeks. supposedly its on its way after being told it should be there jan 5, jan 30th,feb 15,end of feb, march 15th. end of march still not here.
    their computer boards also suck. calling for heat or ac nothing happens. have to cycle it and put it to no delay. my biggest complaint is MULTIPLE LEAKS IN MULTIPLE UNITS.

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    I have a commercial building with FHP's EC360 and EC300 models. They are on variable speed fan drives and in heat pump mode the head pressure is so high that they trip in a matter of minutes leaving the electric heat in the Fan powered boxes to pick up the load. In cooling mode they work about 2 weeks and then failures begin (leaks on reversing valve's, hot gas bypass, and bad compressors). Does anyone else have the same issues or have any of these models installed with a variable speed fan?

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    fhp nothing but problems in multiple units

    To fhp ec360 boards!
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    YEP,Problems with unit that trip on Hp2 (3 blinks on led) random times. Troubleshoot for 1 day,convinced it was the board. I had replaced the hp,only to have it trip again. This time without comp.running,only on call for 2nd compressor. That did it for me,it's the board,so I continued setting it with 4 dip switches. Left and ordered new board,returned today. Chief tells me it's been running for last 2 weeks-No problems at all. He ok'd to put in new board,just put dip switches the way I had in earlier board.
    Guess what 8 hrs later,same original problem. Going back tomorrow,I'll check with tech support again and probably put old board back in,If nothing works.
    It's a fhp ec360 unit 2 compressors,does anyone else have similar issue?

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    Just an fyi;returned to check that 360 unit.. sure enough 3 blink Hp2 alarm active. This is what I did,I checked compressor compartment. Found the int69 module clips broken,that would hold module steady on start up. Checked module all tests ok,so I wire tied it in place,to prevent it being jolted. 3hrs of 5min. & 5 min off: tests runs. NO More Alarms or Faults. So check everything,no matter how slight or unorthodox. Good luck and be safe out there.

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    I have experienced nightmare jobs with FHP. One system was open loop and started springing leaks. Client could not understand how previous FHP lasted 25 years with little problem. New one died within 5 years, water would eat through the thin copper that was between water in and cupronickel coil. Idiots designed the thing with thin copper!

    Waterfurnace is not far behind....had two top of the line systems installed in a LEED cert platinum home.....evap coils went out every six months....thankfully the owner lost the house and it's no longer my problem.

    All we have installed is Climate master since then, and not many of those.

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