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    allergic reaction

    Background.... For years I have had a problem with itching at times. My ankles, feet lower legs.. my hands wrists and around my elbows....neck around my lower back.

    My legs are scarred from where sometimes at night I scratch myself in my sleep till I end up wounding myself, breaking the skin.

    Doctors say its a combo of extremely dry skin and the allergist I went to said I had a reaction to everything they put on me during an allergy test.

    I did not continue the allergy treatment because the doctor I visited struck me as some sort of weirdo....acted like a damn faggot and he wouldnt even look at me while talking to me.....He would stare out the window or at the wall.

    The Present.....

    I worked in Nashville all week...worked in a plant down there and experienced no problems with my itching out of the ordinary........till Friday night.

    About an hour before leaving for home I began itching in a way that wasnt ordinary....started coughing too.... got loaded up and hit the road for the 5 hour drive home..

    About an hour down the road my ankles legs...upper and lower....arms from my elbows down, my neck and my lower back started itching....severly.

    My arms and legs went rose red with all these big bumps on them and I could feel the same bumps everywhere else.

    I scratched what I could and it eventually got to the point where I had to take my shoes and socks off and rool my pants legs up and pour rubbing alcohol on my legs to give me some relief. I was also dousing down my arms and neck.....

    All this while screaming down the interstate towards home.....

    I also began having trouble breathing......

    Anyhow.... I finally made it home and came in and took a shower.....the bumps went away but Im still itching today.....and I can breathe.

    I was going to go to my doctors urgent care facility today but Im feeling better Im going to put it off.

    I worked in that plant all week and while I itched really bad a couple of nights it wasnt anything out of my "norm" for working around dust and stuff.

    Only thing that I can determine that was different friday was I ran a cable and had to cut off a piece of conduit that the electricians ran for me. It was in a part of the plant I had worked in.....but the landing the conduit came up thru was covered in a lot of dust.....and I cut the conduit off with a cordless sawzall...

    It was within a half hour after this that the unusual stuff began to happen.

    Ive got little bumps on me today that have bled....not bad...they just have a dot of blood on them.

    No point to my story.... Just relating something completely miserable that happened to me.....

    I went out to my truck yesterday to get something and you could still smell the rubbing alcohol in the cab..... I was just dousing myself with it going down the road.... I dont know what the law would have thought if they pulled me over...

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    I have mysterious allergic reactions, too.

    My lips, hands and feet swell, itch and hurt for several days.

    I've been through blood testing and scratch testing and it hasn't shown anything of real substance. I'm allergic to grass.

    The breathing thing is bad, bad news. Get your doc to prescribe you an EpiPen.

    Next time could be your last

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    Have you tried taking Benadryl. If it is an allergic reaction the anti histamine should help with the itching. If it does work, then you know you a probably allergic to something. If it doesn't, well, I would say you probably are a freak! lol

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