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    I'm sourcing a Rheem system and have run into a couple of questions concerning the evaporator coil.

    I have selected the following components:

    1. RPMD-042JAZ Heat Pump
    2. RGRK-10EZAJS Gas Furnace (Instead of electric air handler)

    Does the evap coil require a flowcheck valve or will a coil with a tx valve work for this configuration.

    If a tx valve is appropriate for this configuration, can a evap coil designed for R-410a be used with the R-22 heat pump.
    I would presume that the valves are different between the two configurations, but not sure.

    The reason for the second question is that several of the suppliers in our area seem to carry the R-22 heat pump, but only the R-410a version of the evap coil.

    Many Thanks...

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    The recommended evap coil for that unit would be one with a TXV (heat pump TXV with internal check). The R410A coil has a R410A valve on it. If worst came to worst, you could remove the R410A Valve and install the appropriate R22 valve in its place.

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