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    Work when it is needed.
    If the unit was vital, then yeah, I'd work on it, taking whatever measures needed to make sure me and the work area was dry and safe.
    If it ain't vital?
    Lol, they can wait until it ain't pouring down rain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    for commercial refrigeration i will work in the rain, for residential a/c they can wait for it to stop or call you..
    no doubt if its refrigeration, its got to get up and running yesterday.

    no one likes working in the rain, it sucks to be wet but sometimes the **** just has to get done.

    just charge them extra

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    there is a big difference in working in the rain and working during a huricane!

    pacnw offers some good advice.
    IV IV IX

    use your head for something other than a hat rack.......Gerry

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    up here in the Northeast, there is no such thing as "an air conditioning emergency"

    If a customer calls and insists I come out in the rain, I ask them "how do you like working with electricity, for example replacing a light switch"

    9 times out of 10, they say "I save those jobs for an electrician"

    My response is "now think about that while standing in a bucket of water, I'll be there as soon as the rain stops"

    so far no one has had a problem with that.

    make your own judgement, but how much is your life worth.....$15-$20-$30/hour.....

    it won't rain forever
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