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    Need Good Online Source for Parts


    I have a Ruud 80 plus heater/AC. The blower has become noisey and vibrates. I need a new blower or blower motor. The blower is 10-10DU.

    Can anyone recommend a good online source for a new blower?



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    I'm sorry, the type of aid you asking for, is considered DIY aid, and is not allowed, or given on this site.
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    With most motors nowdays you get. You need a basic understanding to wire them. It's not always as simple as matching wire colors. If you save a few $$$ by buying one online. You might spend twice as much if you wire it wrong and burn it up. Or burn it up and another component. It may seem cheaper in the beginning. But from my experience doing this for a living. The DIY guys usually end up spending 2-3 times more than just by calling a pro to start with. Then you have the "I told you so" from your wife or significant other.
    I like DIY'ers. They pay better to fix.

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    If your in cincinnati:

    Sorry, no links like that allowed.

    They even come and install the part for you!

    note: I do not work for them.
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    Note to OP:

    This site does not approve of or endorse online sites that sell direct to home owners / end users. Unqualified personnel installing parts or doing their own repairs can result in unsafe conditions and/or poor performance.

    We recommend that you call a licensed professional when you need your HVAC system serviced.

    Thread closed.

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