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    I recently wrote in asking about the Infinity system and the backorder status of this system. Most of the replies were helpful, but I have another question at this point.

    Everyone on the other posts convinced me that I should have the heat pump with the FE4 fan coil so I decided to wait for that. My question is real simple. If I go ahead and purchase the FE4 fan coil can I use the heat strips in it until the Heat Pump comes in by the end of Feb? I would like to hook up the fan coil and use the electric heat only because right now my current system crapped out and I would like some heat until the Infinity heat pump comes in. Let me know if there are any pros or cons in regards to the technical side of things. I already realize the electric bill aspect.


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    Should not be a problem. The Infinity control will allow you to not have an outdoor unit, it will just opperate the strips and your installer can add the heat pump and configure it later.

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    There were some availability issues at the end of November but it looks like thats over now, so you should be able to get your equipment. To answer your question, you should have no problem runnig the electric heat withoug the heat pump. Hope this helps.

    Dave in NJ

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