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    Just had a trane xv90 installed. The draft inducer crapped out after 14 long and hard (lol) hours! What does the future hold? The moment I am typing this I am having the 13 seer ac unit installed in 25 degree weather. I promise you I spent alot of time on this site chosing a furnace/ac, but I am amazed that the brand new Trane crapped out in the 1st day. Can someone tell " don't worry everything is gonna be ok." ? Something stopped my Trane, the very 1st day I had it. I had a 1967 American Standard in the house b4 modern technology came a knocking.

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    As they say on "Phantom of the Opera" THESE THINGS HAPPEN!

    Usually stuff is gonna break down right away. Components are made in 3rd world countries these days and don't hold up like the old American made stuff of many years ago. If you got a recent vintage Trane, it should have the new inducer design. We haven't lost one yet.

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    Can someone tell " don't worry everything is gonna be ok." ?
    I really wouldn't worry much. As long as somebody carefully checks that there wasn't anything about the installation that killed the draft inducer, you probably got one with a sample defect. Defect rates are all statistical; just knowing they might make one bum motor in a million doesn't guarantee you can't get that one, and just seeing a mean-time-before-failure rating of ten years or whatever doesn't mean your time before failure can't be fourteen hours ... it just means somebody else's is gonna be twenty years. It might even be you, with the next motor they put in for you. And really nothing works out better than having any defect show up right away, when there can't be any question about warranty coverage.

    [nb I don't know the real defect rate or MTBF for Trane inducers, I just made those numbers up, but the idea gets across.]

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    Thanks Baldloonie for your immediate response, I value your oppinion greatly ( I know, if I really valued your oppinion I should have bought a Rheem Mod). I just noticed a post today about 2 stage stats, and my contractor did not install one. I did choose a very competent contractor with good credentials and all that other stuff,as a matter of fact I called him the second after I read the post about the stat and I will be hearing from him shortly. Should I demand a 2stat? I paid a pretty decent penny for that xv90/13seer Trane.

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    i guess you can stop a trane. stuff happens
    a stage gas valve will not work as designed with a single stage stat and the efficiency is lost.

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    Don't be turned off by Trane based on your experience. I installed a Rheem RGRA in my house two winters ago. Pulled out a 1954 lowboy that was a gas hog. On start up, I had a little problem with my Rheem. The draft inducer and gas valve were bad. Changed those out and four days later, the blower motor went. Contacted my Rheem tech rep and gave him the number off of the valve. He said Rheem never installed that valve on their furnace. When I pulled the blower motor, the shaft had been cut wrong and someone had tried to shim the armature to make it work. After fixing the problems, my Rheem has been working flawlessly. Some days you are the windshield and other days you are the bug.

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    machines built by humans. only other explanation is $hit happens.

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    Don't worry.. Things happens.. Like other says. check to make sure something did cause it to go out.

    Go with the two stage stat.. YOu'll get the best comfort out of it..

    I replaced old '68 112,000 BTU Airtemp to a XV90 60,000.. Systme runs mostly on first stage.. All room is great.

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