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    I just had a new home built and I'am having a problem with a bad smell coming from my vents. It doesn't happen every time the system is on. It seems to happen when the system is working hard. The smell is like very old, sour, wet wood, or a very dirty bathroom. Does any one know what this is? If this is of any help, it is a heat pump system and I have two in my home. It is only happening with the unit that supplies the heat to the first floor.

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    where does a/c drain go??

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    Dry trap?

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    Heat Pump
    Dirty laundry smell

    You have all the worst symptoms of DSS. The only cure is BBJ.


    "The result of my research, correspondence with the manufacturer, discussions with the local distributor, and correspondence with a Chattanooga TV station (the station had done a consumerwatch story on the phenomenon in the past) was a diagnosis of Dirty Sock Syndrome or Musty Coil Syndrome. This is apparently caused by a fungus that grows on the heat pumps coils and the smell manifests itself when the unit reverses itself in the defrost cycle. The fungus grows because the coils stay wet with condensation virtually all the time. I've been told by a local distributor that all of the major heat pump manufacturers have had complaints from consumers about this problem. It is apparently more common in relatively humid climates, such as Tennessee's."

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    Does sound like DSS.....unless someone threw their dirty underwear in your return plenum......did you tick off your builder?
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    maybe someone hooked up your bathroom vent to your return ... just kidding .. good luck because i hear of that sometimes & i also hear of people never really finding solution

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