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    the 50 ppm is in the ventpipe not the plenum. nobodys breathing it.

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    Mn the state where absolutey nothing is allowed
    not on a pulse, those are positive pressure heat-x's

    any breach will allow flue gasses in to the airstream
    my boss thinks its possible to repeal the laws of physics

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    Don't forget the ERG remotes tied into the hot water tanks which them were piped into baseboard.Oh those were the days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig1 View Post
    At this point its not worth buying any tools needed to work on a pulse or taking any training. Theres not enough of them left to make it worth your time/money. Its like buying the tools/training to work on a Model T. Not worth it unless its your hobby.

    I've seen two of these in the last few years. Both times I told the customer about the dangers with the furnace and that they need to have a qualified technician with the proper tools come out and inspect it for safety. Both times they just told me to put a new furnace in.
    That's the way I handle those calls, too.
    The Bill of Rights ARTICLE II "The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall NOT be Infringed".

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