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    I have a Trane XV90 variable speed furnace with a TXC036C A-Coil. There a two main outlet trucks, one coming off each side of the plenum. I'm measuring the outlet temp where each truck mates with the main plenum. I'm measuring about a 15 degree difference in temp rise between the two. The side the is closest to the A-coils connection ports is running about 95 degrees while the other side is at 110 degrees. What could be causing the difference ? Could it have something to do with the A-coil ?

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    Could the coil be dirty on one side slowing airflow and increasing temperature?
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    duct design perhaps. is it a box with the ducts cut in to it or is it a smooth transition ? sounds weird . its one of those things id have to see with my eyes

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    I would take my temp readings a little ways down the trucks instead of right at the joint even if only a foot farther.

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    Not really sure from your description what you are measuring the temperature with or the exact placement of the probe(in the plenum or in the trunk).

    In a gas furnace you could be getting some radiant heat that increases the temperature reading, depending on the type of probe you are using and the placement of the probe.

    To eliminate this possibility it is recommended that you do not insert the probe in a direct line of sight with the heat exchange, but measure in a duct after it makes a turn off of the plenum.

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    try measuring the temp. from severel places on the "same" trunk . you are likly to get different readings.point being a better comparison could be made from the supply all the registers and try to judge any differences in airflow too.

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