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    Goodman Air Handler - Reversing Aux Heating Stages

    Hi all,

    I've got a Goodman air handler with heat pump and a 15kW heat strip kit configured for 2 stages with my EcoBee thermostat. For some reason I was always under the impression the aux heat was staged into a 5kW primary stage and a 10kW (15kW net) secondary stage, however it is in fact the opposite.

    In order to offer my thermostat (as well as myself) heating options which are a little more linear, I ask whether or not it is optional to reverse the stages on these air handlers? My thoughts are to reverse W1/W2 connections on the Air Handler's connections however am aware that the unit may not respond to a W2 only signal without W1 being energized, or perhaps even worse all 15kW will be called instead of only 5.

    Goodman does not offer any support to consumers therefore I am reaching out to the hvac community online.

    That being said, anybody have any insight or recommendations to my thoughts on breaking down my stages to 5->15 instead of 10->15?


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    One problem may happen: the sequencer that turns on the first element usually turns the fan on too. So if you just swap W2 for W1, you might get the 3rd element but no fan to blow. Most units bring on 10kw as first stage so this isn't unusual.

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