Ok here it goes I have a Trane mod. SEHFC754N167A8AD9C01A0W00G0K000RT008000 ser. C02c01857
Let me first explain I am not a apprentice and I have a Trane unit as mentioned above that is having issues on above 95 degree days. We which is one of my top teck and I have looked at this unit and found that the condenser is under sized at the design load conditions. I will give the details we are seeing. first I live in Denver and we don't have near the air you guys do at sea leavel so here are the readings. Trying to maintain a discharge air of 55 degrees and the oat is 95 with a 30% humidity level on the day we are seeing this. Pressures are at 70 suction with a 20 degree superheat as we removed freon to confirm what we were seeing and the discharge pressure was at 410 plus and rising and it tripps at 420psi. We removed enough Freon R-22 to get as low as 4 degrees subcooling and it still tripps if all three compressors are runing. I cleaned the condenser coil for circuit #2 just to see what would happen and the unit would stablelize at 410 psi but we did notice the fan blades have been changed with 5 blade fans and they are at rated amps and this was done by trane after the oringinal install.
so here we are trying to figure this out. We disconnected one compresor on both circuits and the unit will cool the space and stay running. So I am wondering if the condenser is under sized as we removed enough freon to where the superheat will continue to rise. Any thoughts