Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:55 pm Post subject: HVAC and codes question


My mother recently bought a house. Shortly after she moved in, the son of a freind of her's (ya, one of THOSE deals) installed a new Hi eff furnace, for cost. He did a great job, except for anything he touched. #1, he vented it right over her walkway. #2, there is an opening window just 6-8" above the vents. #3 His vents are short, because of the walkway, and the moisture caused all her stucco in the vicinity to fall off. #4 he plumbed the condensate pump to a sink P-trap by drilling a hole in the side of the trap and siliconing in the vinyl drain hose. It has since fallen out twice. #5 The vinyl condensate line is zip tied so tightly to a 14/2 electrical wire that it can't drain anyway.

I know that this is not good, but whats done is done right?.....(i planned to fix it later). I wanted to raise holy hell, but she doesn't want to make waves.....

Recently, on a whim, she decided to have an HRV installed (from a big box store). The installer forked the install royally . #1. He suspended the unit right in the middle of her utility room. #2. He wired the unit to a plug that is only live when the utility room lights are on. #3 The HRV intake and exhaust is within inches of the exhaust from the furnace.

Obviously this is not good. I found out about the majority of the problems tonight while fixing the electrical for the HRV. But what is code? I need to get this fixed ASAP.

I'll be making some calls in the morning............