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Thread: Heat Pump Inop.

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    Heat Pump has'nt worked all year. Unit blows air but that's all. Won't Cool or Heat. And it's getting COLD *laff*
    Anyway, I did have it inspected and was told that the Reverse Flow Valve is bad. Cost about $XXXX to fix.

    Any ideas?

    (No pricing, due to site rules )

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    switch to emergency heat, if you have electric auxilliary, until you decide to repair or replace.

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    i would call another contractor and get a second opinion.
    you stated unit will not cool or heat, if thats so then you would have a differant problem than the reversing valve. sound like its low on charge and that could explain why i doesnt cool and with the pressure low it cant change positions so it doesnt heat.

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    If it won't cool or heat and costs $XXXX to repair, if it is anywhere near 10 years old, replace it.I would get a second opinion though.

    >>>edit... no pricing

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    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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