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    Can someone please help with a trane CVHE

    Hi there,

    I'm working a on old trane chiller CVHE, i think its got the old control SCP699 system control panel. The chiller is coming up with a motor sensor error.
    If anyone has any manuals on this chiller it would be much appreciated

    I'm also trying to find manuals
    CVHE-X1N-1 and
    CVHE-XM-1 for this chiller

    The chiller has been converted from R11 to R123,

    The Chillers full model number is

    Serial No. A91D-0149

    Thank you for your time


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    That is quite a strange serial # you have there.
    Recheck it and try to get the original serial # it should still be there as the conversion nameplates were add on.
    From the model # I would say that you have a 695 panel.
    Also if you were to take out the x in your lit. # you could find it.
    Really need the correct serial # to be of any help.

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